Premium "Raptor" Ratchet Belt - Genuine Leather

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Eye catching and cutting edge, the Raptor is Premium Elite's automatic Ratchet Belt and truly one of the most ingenious inventions in recent fashion.  For those who haven't seen this technology yet, see the video below, it's a leap forward

It encompasses a fully tracked system running behind the belt, securely locking in place behind the Ratchet Retension System hidden snugly behind the stylish buckle. 

We are seriously excited to be able to introduce you to this product! 

This new and revolutionary technology integrated into the humble belt, a device we rely on every day of our life, and usually take for granted, is revolutionising the way in which we use it. 

No more fumbling in the dark, or trying to align the pin through the shaggy, stretched and unsightly hole on your outdated, worn, old belt from Kmart/Walmart. Let's face it... that belt wouldn't even catch the eye of a 4/10 who hadn't touched a man's belt in years...

Step into the future, with a belt that's guaranteed to impress women with an eye for style and inginuity.

Just imagine her face when you demonstrate the quick release ratchet mechanism... for those times you just need to get it undone in a hurry!!

Smooth operators, treat yourselves.  Thank us later.

Collect a few buckles to suit your style, and never have to buy another belt again. Unlike "old style" belts, these don't show wear signs on the front caused by a pin.

Select your favourites from our " Darkness", "Inspire" or "Industrial" collection.

Available in an incredible array of colour combinations, to suit any discerning taste.


  • Crafted from Premium Grade Genuine Leather and Zinc Alloy.
  • Automatic Retension System securely locks belt in place.
  • Fastening system allows for quick-secure, and quick release.
  • At least 5x more adjustable than conventional (old style) pin and buckle belts.
  • Stunning array of stylish colour combinations to suit any outift.
  • Interchangable buckle to match your mood, outfit or occasion.
  • Package includes 1 x Belt, 1 x Buckle.
  • Weight: 110g | Selected length x 35mm x 3 mm.
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" Darkness"  "Inspire"  "Industrial" collections offer.
One belt for life!
Our thanks to YOU!!
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