Our Story

The Premium Elite is an Australian based online retailer backed by staff with years of experience in online retailing.

We love being able to bring our customers the products that everyone else wishes they had.  The products that catch people's eye, conversation starters and items that really set you apart from the crowd. You have the opportunity with us to get your hands on the latest trending items, before everyone else even knows they are trending!

We differentiate ourselves by the pride we take in ensuring the highest quality, respected products that are tested and used by our own team.  This is amplified by our impeccable service record, dedication and focus on bringing our customers exceptional service each and every time you shop with us.

The truth is, we really want you to be happy with your purchase, tell the story and enjoy coming back for more new and cutting edge products to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our advanced dispatch system takes exceptional care with every order from secure packing to swift delivery.

All in-stock items are dispatched within 48 hrs of payment.

We really hope you enjoy shopping with us, and don't forget to connect on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to build our brand. We'll continue bringing you the the things you love, before you know you love them. 

Set the trend... don't follow it.

Much love from our team - The Premium Elite.